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Bob Erickson: News

Back to Savannah - September 1, 2019

The recent musical road trip to Savannah on August 24th went so well that.....we'll be doing it again on December 7th. This time the venue is Molly McGuire's on Wilmington Island....and it will be the "Musical Retirement" of Butch Daniels. Even if I wasn't playing I would want to be there. More info to come as it develops....

Fighting Back - Savannah - August 10, 2019

Mid - August...Well, needless to sat Summer 2019 was cancelled for me. Thanks to Murky Waters BBQ & Blues venues in Gulfport and Ocean Springs, MS for setting up their P.A.'s for The Tree-Oh for 4 dates so I could hobble in and sit through some otherwise very good nights, except of course for the post - op burning nerve pain in my left foot. Otherwise, I have Totally ENJOYED being "Off" this Summer while I recover.

Savannah!!! On August 24th we travel back to the scene of so much FUN in my 30's & 40's...Savannah, Georgia. A place at one time I thought would be my final destination now remains an always pleasant source of memories. I'll be performing at Coach's Corner with the "Island Boys" featuring remaining members of the mighty "Ansel, Strong & Reeves" band.  That band was hands down the BEST "Local" band I've ever seen or heard....

ALL STOP!!!! - May 25, 2019

On March 28th 2019 at Dan B's in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi I strolled back to the stage after getting the band paid....and then, it happened. My left foot hung up on a monitor speaker wire and then, suddenly, everything changes. My Achilles Tendon was 2- 1/2 weeks later... the Achilles rolled up in my calf and a 2nd incision was made to find it and re-attach. I now have 6 titanium screws in my left heel holding the Achilles in place. Recovery time is said to be 6 to 9 months and after 5 weeks I believe them.  I am in constant pain and while each week I make advances each small victory comes with a hell of a battle...Normandy 1944 comes to mind. 

 I am no longer playing with the Rougarous and will be keeping The Tree-Oh on low simmer on the back burner. Simply put, there won't be much of a Summer season for 2019 as I focus completely on recovering.

The next Tree-Oh dates are in July and hopefully I can make them.

The Brownbag Lunch Concert Series - September 14, 2018

The Tree-Oh has been selected for the prestigious Brownbag Lunch Concert Series in Mobile & Daphne Alabama. This will be the 34th year of the event sponsored by 92.1 Zew and Catt Sirten of Radio Avalon, the long running eclectic Radio Show. We are quite thrilled to make this line-up of Regional Acts that run every Wednesday & Thursday from September through November.

I'm LATE!!! - September 8, 2018

What's the point of handing out business cards at gigs if you don't keep the Calendar updated??.....and upon further review this morning I'm running about 4 months behind. DAMN!!!

The Tree-Oh and The Rougarous are chugging along just fine on the Mississippi Coast and I'll be updating the dates this weekend after finishing tonight's gig in Bay St. Louis, MS at The Ugly Pirate.

The tide's about to come in soon... - February 4, 2018

Well, another year begins... Thanks to John Dolan from Ocean Springs, MS we are now populating YouTube with The Tree-Oh videos. Look forward to more videos as we plan to shoot videos at several locations on the Mississippi Gulf Coast this spring, which will include original tunes I've been trying to get out there for years.

And....sometimes it's just really nice to not worry about being the lead vocalist in the band and just play guitar. Enter "The Rougarous" - Cajun for Werewolf. The Rougarous are fronted by Christopher Anderson, an excellent vocalist and I'll be concentrating on being the lead guitarist and backing vocals. The band have a definite Cajun Blues feel and I really enjoy working with the band. I will also get to play in several new Mississippi Venues this Spring that I've never played at or even seen. I likes me somethin' new!!!

"The Coast is Clear" - August 21, 2017

Well, we survived another Tourista Season and I'm on a 3 week break from gigs to concentrate on finishing some new original material....And since the last recording I did of original material was in 2010, "Its time for a new album!!". 8 songs ready to and hoping to break the 10 song threshold by Labor Day 2017.

Gratitude Rulezz - August 5, 2017

 After rediscovering Ray Wylie Hubbard after seeing him at the Willie Nelson 4th of July Picnic I read a quote he said about living life, especially after quitting all the hard partying he was known for back in the day. "On the days that my gratitude is greater than my expectations, I find I have really good days". For some odd reason that one hit home and I have spent the last month or so extremely grateful for all that I have in this world, and all that I'm doing musically....which means that although the schedule is a little slower this year, I'm grateful for the bigger Venues I've played at this Summer with Rhythm Intervention, I'm grateful for the direction the Tree-Oh is headed with the emphasis being on originals and most of all "It's all good" and "Thank You Lord"!!!

Summer 2017 - May 21, 2017

Been a while, but here we go....Summer 2017 finds me working more on original songs and playing a few less club gigs. The Tree-Oh is now staffed by Jojo Morris on Bass/Vocals and Hugh O'Neil on Drums. The goal here is to have an EP out by the end of the year of all original songs.

The band I helped start in 2012, Rhythm Intervention, finds itself in need of a guitarist from time to time and I am more than happy to help the "Franchise" out at the big venues on the Alabama side of the Gulf Coast.

I LOVE living in Mississippi, Ocean Springs has been great for myself and my wife Debbie. We have a nice place, 2 new rescue dogs "Dallas" and "Bella" and life is sweet on the Confederate Coastline!!

Another Tourist Season Over - September 11, 2016

Well, it's over and things are quieting down some on the Coast, it's still quite hot and its time to enjoy a little "My Time" as I purposely didn't book many weekend dates in September....this was one HOT, MISERABLE, HUMID Summer....the worst since 1998, and it seemed to rain almost every day which only cranked up the Humidity even more. There were some fun times, especially in July when I played with my old Band Rhythm Intervention at some of the biggest and best stages on the Coast.

Next, it's time to explore the Mississippi Music Scene and work hard to stay off of I-10 during the Summer Months next year!!!! Will be looking to join working bands on the West side of the Border and to slowly wean off of The Alabama/Florida feeding ground which has so many places to play. 

Early Spring 2016 Repor~ - March 12, 2016

Well, the move to Ocean Springs, Mississippi went down along with my bank accounts, but we are moved in and so far...I LOVE IT OVER HERE!! Already gigging at (2) of the Downtown Venues....Murky Waters and Mosaics Tapas Bar. And, I have started working with an all original retro blues venture with locals musicians Neil Ladner and Bill Kretzer. The Tree-Oh is picking up steam and in an unforeseen twist, I'm doing some dates again with Rhythm Intervention as a fill in while they search for a replacement for Chris Sweeney, who replaced me when I left in 2014. Chris brought them great success as he was the lead guitarist for the National act the Ataris. Kind of a strange musical wrap around huh?? 

TheTree-Oh and Other Big Changes - December 1, 2015

Well, it's Dec. 1st 2015 and Change is in the Air. I'm moving to Ocean Springs, Mississippi and leaving Alabama and heading WEST after 7 years. And......I begin a new Band made up of the core of "The Truth". It's Boys night out EVERY time with The Tree-Oh. 1st Gig is Friday Dec. 4th at Moe's BBQ.

Knee Deep in The Blues Releases - November 25, 2015

The Album "Knee Deep in The Blues" has Released as of Nov. 23rd 2015. It was a Labor of Love and a blast to make. With a minor name change to The Truth featuring Cat Rhodes, we will be headed to Memphis in January 2016 for the IBC (International Blues Competition) for the 2nd straight year, and our last, as after this it needs to be another deserving band's turn representing the Northwestern Blues Society. With so many excellent bands that show up every week to their Blues Jam it has been a complete honor to represent these FINE folks!

Meet Me In Memphis II - October 16, 2015

Damn!!!.....been so busy I didn't that I didn't add.... Cat Rhodes and The Truth won the Northwest Florida Blues Society - Road to Memphis Challenge. Again. We are headed back to Memphis in January 2016 to compete again with over 200 Bands from all over the World. A little more wise this time to say the least.....   

It's Fall Ya'll - Oct. 2015 - October 15, 2015

Well, let's see, the Cat Rhodes and The Truth CD is finished recording and is now in the Mixing/Mastering Phase.....The Touristas are pretty much gone.....we don't sweat ALL the time and the days grow shorter. Big events on the horizon include the "M" in MOVING. After 7 years in Fairhope, Alabama, I'm "Heading West" and relocating to Ocean Springs, Mississippi around the 1st of the year. New venues, new beaches, new faces, Casinos and a little closer to the Home of The Blues, AND TEXAS!!! I HATE moving but it's time for a change and maybe I'll find some new folks to play with occasionally. :)

Mid-Tourista-Season Repor~ - July 24, 2015

Ola Amigos!

It's late July, it's Hot as Hell and even though I've slowed down some from previous years, I'm still out of breathe!! So, here's the update: Cat Rhodes and The Truth are in the Studio working with Engineer/Producer Brett Gambino on the new album. Seven of Cat's killer originals plus two of mine are "Under Construction" with about 70% of the recording done. I've also been enjoying the freedom to free-lance and have enjoyed playing with Velvet Monkey and Johnny Barbato and the Lucky Doggs. The Lucky Doggs gigs put me back on stage at the Flora-Bama which was a treat to play at again. Pensacola is becoming the home base for Cat and The Truth and several COOL venues have been added on Pensacola Beach. Well, that's it for now...time to go update the Calendar!

Summer 2015: Freelance at Last - May 25, 2015

 As we roll in to Summer 2015 there's a nice diverse mix this year....Cat Rhodes and The Truth are now in the studio recording a follow on to last year's EP. I am also now very pleased to be "Freelancing" some again when The Truth isn't booked. I had missed those days in Savannah, Ga when I was steadily working with 4 different bands, and now those doors have finally opened up again on the Gulf Coast, starting with steady work with the band Velvet Monkey, a new duo with bassist/vocalist Bill Rabon called BILL-y-BOB and recently dates with Johnny Barbato and the Lucky Doggs who have been a house band at the Flora-Bama for years. It's a nice diverse mix of Blues, Soul, R&B, Rock and now Country....I had forgotten how much I enjoy playing with a GOOD Country Band! One other nice thing about this year....very little Reggae! I love listening to it, and still listen to it all the time, but for guitarists there's only so much you can do with a genre that calls for making your guitar rig sound like Crickets..."Chi-Chi"...."Chi-Chi". Now I know why my Les Paul was so depressed for the last 2 years!

Meet Me in Memphis... - January 18, 2015

On Tuesday Jan. 20th, my Dad's Birthday we leave for Memphis and the International Blues Competition Finals. So looking forward to this trip and to be in an event of this magnitude, 250 acts from all over the world. Have to swing a tour of the Gibson Guitar Factory and of course check out Graceland & Sun Records, where it all began. Cat Rhodes and The Truth are well rehearsed and looking forward to having some FUN!!!

All that Jazz - October 30, 2014

Check out was lucky enough to play Monday Oct. 27th with JoJo Morris's hand picked band for the Mobile Jazz Society's show honoring him as one the most respected musicians on the Gulf Coast....the MONSTER bass player from Cat and the Truth shows off his Jazz chops to a packed house at the Gulf City Lodge in Downtown Mobile.....what a GREAT night! Down load the show by double clicking the pictute of "JoJo Moriss and friends"

The Truth Shall Set You Free - September 1, 2014

Well, it's been a while...I've just been too busy for an update! I sit here on Labor Day 2014 and realize another Summer Season has flown by in a swirl of Gigs, Shows, Long Drives and of course not without it's share of Drama!! On top of playing in the band "Rhythm Intervention" which somehow, with it's ever changing lineup is still able to play all the top spots on the Alabama Gulf Coast, I now am also a member of "Cat Rhodes and The Truth" an all original Blues, R&B and Soul Band based out of Mobile. With Catherine Rhodes stunning vocals, looks and dynamic stage presence together with the Rhythm Section of Bryan Morris on Drums and brother JoJo Morris on bass this is one formidable band. We recently entered and WON the Pensacola Blues Society "Road to Memphis Challenge" Semi-Finals and will be traveling to Memphis in Jan. 2015 for the International Blues Competition Finals with over 200 acts from around the world. Pretty Cool, and we have only played together 7 times with only a few rehearsals.....This might be a REALLY good one. Stay tuned for more updates.....starting to get a little time off as the Touristas have gone back home and the pace at the Beach slows just a little....

Newzz: - May 15, 2011

Well, obviously the BIGGEST NEWS is that we now have a website! My deepest heartfelt thanks to Jaime Williams for doing such a great job. Gracias Seniorita!! Hammerhead Stew The Musical News is that the new CD "Hammerhead Stew" has dropped, or in this case, "spilled"…..11 tracks of originals & covers combining all the styles I've been playing over the last few years as I've made my way around the Southern Coastline (and back) playing with as many bands as I possibly could. My special thanks to Rocky Blaze & Gary Goldsmith of the band Big Pineapple for their tropical contributions, and what an honor to have some D.N.A. on the disk with my brother Brian & niece Rebekah joining in. Special thanks also go to George Eberlein for mastering the project and adding some great guitar licks as well. Technical Kudos to Bob "Agent Q" Buckley of Chocolate Guitars for keeping all the guitars up & running despite the heat & humidity of the Gulf Coast. Finally, to Andrea Tripke for the original artwork and all the continued help with the gig posters. Stay tuned for more updates as we get the site up & running…. See ya'll at the Tiki Bar(s)…. Bob

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